Solo Paladin Shield, also known as Pal, Solo, The Lone or The Shield is a player of LEGO Minifigures Online who began to play at the end of august 2014. Actually he spent 1500 hours in game.

Personal AchievementsEdit

Only player to have 2 differents parts of Mr Gold by trade before the BTP.

1st player to have all the figures in game until the series 15 included.

4th to have Mr Gold in Lost Creations (after Cheerful, Green, Mystery)

3d player to have 5 series with the Gold Glow (after Metal and Mystery)

4th player to have 6 series with thr Gold Glow (after Whoosh, Metal and Green)

4th player to have 7 series with the Gold Glow (after Whoosh, Young Whoosh and Metal)

Before Buy-to-playEdit

Before the Buy-To-Play update, he was known as an tireless pockets farmer, just to trade parts in hopes of getting Mr Gold parts. He was the only known player to possess 2 different parts of Mr Gold before Buy-to-play.

After Buy-to-playEdit

He could've been the first player with the Golden Glow but chose to wait for others to get the Golden Glow together. The plan, however, fell through. Paladin owns Mr. Gold, Ninja, Fairy and DJ, all of which are rare figs.

He is also a Lost Creations Legend, reaching level 52 with his friends Chaotic Whoosh Bug, Extreme Lucky Phoenix and Golden Fusion Quark.

Paladin is know to make videos of the game, to share his tips in Lost Creations or for the fun.


In general, all the members of the famous « Weke Gang » are his friends.


Paladin Gold Glow

A golden glow out of borders of Paladin