Ion Cheerful Viper, also called Vic, is an immortal LEGO Minifigures Online player who has played since late closed beta. He is a Lost Creations Legend and a Mr. Gold and Ninja owner.

He was the first and original out of bounds master and has gone out of bounds in a dozen places and gone to the most secret out of bounds locations of anyone. And he is the first and only user to get the pink glow.

He was the first player to build Elf, Robot, Evil Dwarf, and Spartan Warrior, possibly the first to build Chicken Suit Guy from part trading and the first to build Mr. Gold only from Lost Creation parts.

Along with Chaotic Whoosh Bug, Electric Whoosh Blimp and Extreme Lucky Phoenix he reached level 30 in only 45 minutes, which is the speed record.

He, Chaotic Whoosh Bug and Extreme Lucky Phoenix also encountered and defeated the enemy with the highest known health in the game, a gatekeeper at level 50 which had over 600,000 health. Later he, Chaotic Whoosh Bug, Electric Whoosh Blimp, and Extreme Lucky Phoenix encountered the Lost Creation champion with the highest known health in LMO (at level 37) which had over 530,000 health (although they where unable to defeat it due to a glitch). In a different run with Staunch Summer Eggroll, Chaotic Whoosh Bug, and Golden Majestic Meteor, they defeated level 29, Jungle Arena, even though it was the glitched Chicken Suit Guy level, a near impossible feat.

He is one of the legendary Lost Creation players, who set the after-update record and got to level 37 with Vector Metal Brick, Solo Paladin Shield, and Staunch Summer Eggroll. He then broke the record again and got to level 43 with Icy Frozen Glacier, and then got to level 43 a second time with Ace Green Hammer and Chaotic Whoosh Bug (who smashed at the end of level 42). He has gotten past level 40 4 times (getting to levels 43, 43, 43, and 52).

Astonishingly, he, Chaotic Whoosh Bug and Extreme Lucky Phoenix crushed the later record of 46 and got to level 52, despite levels 46-50 being the infamous light element and without the use of potions for he and Lucky.

He got to level 30 in Lost Creations solo, which is currently the second-place solo record and the first place after-update solo record.