Icy Frozen Glacier also known as Froyo, Froze, Frozone, and just "Zone" is a player who owns 96 minifigures. His favorite minifigure is the Lifeguard Guy. He is one of the seven owners of the Golden Glow.

About Icy Frozen GlacierEdit

He is known for being sarcastic. However despite this prickly exterior, his friends know he has a soft gooey marshmallow core. Frozen cares for his friends and is helpful when needed. He is a good guy to have with you in lost, a true pro player and has also been known to give up his computer access and his sleep to relatives in need. While his playful side can often lead to mischief...he is a good friend to have.

Achievements In-gameEdit

  • Golden Glow
  • Owns all Lost Creations figures
  • Lost Creations Grandmaster



  • Frozen Glacier does not like spicy food or winky faces.
  • He does like random trivia.
  • He also enjoys math and sunrise photos.