Expert Denim Rabbit is one of the only players with the Fairy and is a Lost Creations Master. He started playing LEGO Minifigures Online around September 2014. He has many good friends and not so good friends (He will let you judge who is who but you might know one of them) ...Don't ask... Fearsome showed to him the Fairy pack on Steam and he needed that ASAP! When series 13 came out of course he had to get the Unicorn Girl. He was the 4rth person to get the Ice Skater before they put her in LC and the update. He enjoys the game it's so much fun but very addicting. He've never completed a purple glow (because he's to lazy) but the glows don't really matter to him although he does have green and blue ones on his favorite minifigures. He hopes they give Fairy a glow soon...

Lost Creation RecordEdit

Denim reached level 33 along with Ion Cheerful Viper and Cool Fluffy Cat, who smashed at the end of level 32.